Whether it is occasional one off cleaning or periodic seasonal cleaning, we can offer you different cleaning options to meet your needs and requirements. One off cleaning is a tough task that usually involves top-to-bottom cleaning of your whole house, from the attic to the basement. Since it is hourly based service, it could be customized to deep clean just particular problematic areas. You are in charge of your one off cleaning in Sutton SM1. You don’t have to be bound to a professional weekly cleaning routine, if you prefer to maintain your home by yourself. Our one time cleaning services gives you the opportunity to use the services you need, only when you need them. Preparing for a special occasion or need clean up of the mess afterwards? Call us on 020 8114 9669 or send us your enquiry, we are your cleaning assistance to rely on in times of need.

  • Professional one off cleaning services
  • Booking the desired amount of time
  • Deep cleaning of all cupboards and appliances
  • Inside window cleaning
  • Bathroom sanitizing
  • Customized service

We have availability for any of your occasional and one off cleaning projects, prepared with modern equipment and selected non-toxic products. We can use either your cleaning detergents or our own, by your request. Our cleaners are skilled, trustworthy and referenced, working in professional and efficient manner. Your one off cleaning in Sutton SM1 will be carried out tailored to your specifications and priorities. If you need carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning, we have the necessary steam and dry cleaning systems on hand. Forget about the heavily soiled and hard to reach places, we are here to scrub up all the visible and hidden dirt in your home. Experience the fresh change in your home provided by our comprehensive cleaning services at attractive prices.

If you can’t find the time or motivation to clean your house, there’s always an option to leave the cleaning job to our energetic and hard working team. We are at your beg and call every single day of the week, with NO extra charge for weekends and bank holidays. Our one off cleaning in Sutton will make your house neat and presentable in a few short hours, creating a clean and healthy environment for your family. Experience our exceptional standards of hygiene in your home – squeaky clean surfaces, sanitized bathrooms, shiny windows and dust-free air. Why wait? Contact us today on 020 8114 9669 or request our services here.

Price: £15 per hour per cleaner

There is minimum of 3 hours per one off cleaning visit. Customers are responsible for providing cleaning materials and equipment.

If you need fully equipped cleaners with products and equipment additional charges apply.